the band

may 31, 2013

Lue               (drums, vocals)
Marlon          (bass, screams)
Martin          (guitar, vocals)
Bernd           (guitar)
Martin          (vocals)

Ever since GPF was founded in 2001, a wide spectrum of music has influenced a sustainable development up to the point of what the characteristic sound is like today. A distinguishing style between Punk Rock and Hardcore accrues from a variety of inputs, not least due to different band-constellations. From the very first beginning GPF has entered numerous stages for playing shows inland as well as abroad. In 2004 the band dared to explore virgin soil by recording its first demo-album Delusion (DIY, 2004). Moreover, the first full-length-album Make My Demon Leave (Stagedive Records, 2006) could be presented with pride straight afterwards.
After a creative break and with a new front man GPF has been concentrating its energy on song-writing again since 2012.